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An Experienced Team

We partner with the finest tradesmen who perform their job with meticulous craftsmanship. Our ADU building projects run very smoothly because we work with the same premier craftsmen on all of our projects. We’ve all worked together for years and that will be obvious when you see the job site and see how efficient the process runs.

Why SoCal-ADUPros?

...we're Southern California's Premiere ADU Building                Company

SoCal-ADUPros is much more than a company that builds ADU’S. We take pride in Remodels, Additions, New Builds, Flooring and Concrete/Masonry projects. If you are looking for a seasoned, talented   Team with great customer service, committed to expert craftsmanship at a great price without compromising value… SoCal-ADUPros is your Team!



  • We obtain all plans and permits, so you have zero chance of paying for designs that cannot be built

  • We build on time and within budget

  • We start with designs, so you can see your ADU idea and modify it before we ever start building

  • We collaborate with you through the ENTIRE building process from conception to occupancy.

  • We respect your home, so our entire team strives to make the process as non-invasive and accommodating as possible.

See your ADU design before you build with SoCal-ADUPros

After we meet with you, we’ll provide you with a design and a full estimate. Our architect renders designs that give you the opportunity to “walk through” your designs to get the flow of the home and to see if it works for you to your liking. This project is probably one of the largest investments you’ll make, so we follow this process so you will have the confidence of a test drive before you build—or even before you sign a contract. We give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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