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You Have The Property and The Vision… But You Do Not Have The Team. SoCal-ADUPros Is Your Team To Make Your Vision A Reality!

The Fix & Flip or Fix & Hold wave has come and gone. New California laws allow you to take your Real Estate investment options to higher plateaus! The new wave is Purchase – Upgrade – Add An ADU & Jr. ADU – Sell or Hold. Sell and realize significantly higher profit margins! Hold and realize significantly higher monthly income!

This ADU Investment Program is for novice and seasoned Investors. Are you an average everyday American that has Real Estate investment dreams? Are you a seasoned Investor that wants to take your investment opportunities to higher plateaus? If so, this investment program secured by Real Estate is for you. You are the Investor. SoCal-ADUPros is your Team!


Overview | About The Investors ADU Program


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  1. Client/Investor completes questionnaire:

  2. A SoCal-ADUPros Team Member reaches out to you for an intake consultation.

  3. If the potential Client/Investor is approved, Client/Investor will be paired with a Licensed Realtor and Team Lead Member. Meeting with Client/Investor will be scheduled to meet SoCal-ADUPros Team Members that will be responsible for their project.

  4. Upon the Client/Investors investment amount being confirmed, investment property(s) in their requested areas will be identified. Investment cost of property purchase, architectural drawings, upgrades, ADU and JR ADU builds and associated costs will be provided. Buy and hold or buy and sell profits will also be provided.

  5. Client/Investor will be involved in the process from inception to conclusion.

  6. Property purchase, designs, permits and initial transactional process begins.

  7. Property purchased will be in the name of Client/Investor or their company/corp/LLC.

  8. SoCal-ADUPros Realtor Team Members will be compensated from purchasing and selling the property. SoCal-ADUPros Contractor(s) will be paid from primary residence upgrades, if needed, and ADU + Jr. ADU builds.

  9. Client/Investor realizes all profits from the sale of the property or realizes all residual income on their investment.

  10. Next project process begins.

SoCal ADU Pros is your 5 Star All Inclusive ADU Building Partner that provides Design, Plans, Plan Expediting, and Construction.

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